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Sweden vs. Brazil partido completo

World Cup 1958

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  1. Vale 17 de noviembre de 2017 18:30

    Now i can die serenely, telling me that i watched the best game of the world

  2. Josin007 29 de septiembre de 2017 16:55

    Nice game, especially the second half

  3. jsved 17 de septiembre de 2017 03:51

    Awesome that you have this game! And how cool that they added in the commentary these many years after the game took place.

  4. Goldmano 14 de junio de 2017 08:05

    Oh, thx Footbalia. Now i can see the best brazilian team in History.

  5. Diego 21 de septiembre de 2016 17:49

    This is epic! Thanks for allowing us to watch this match. World Class!

  6. Footballia
    Footballia 22 de septiembre de 2016 14:47

    Glad you enjoyed it! :-)