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Argentina vs. Spain full match

World Cup 1966

By Footballia4 Comments5339 ViewsSpanish
Group stage, matchday 1
Villa Park (Birmingham)
July 13, 1966

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  1. pistaman May 26, 2019 00:50

    gol da espanha foi irregular, teve falta no goleiro

  2. Tallulah Robinson April 01, 2018 16:39

    La paliza que los Españoles le dieron a Argentina hace 1 semana es puebra contundente de que han mejorado bastante en materia futbolística, en cuanto a este partido, Argentina prometía más.

  3. sesve March 27, 2018 23:21

    I don't know is problem in my Internet connection or my laptop, but all those matches that are divided into two parts are very stuttery and laggy for me and keep loading every few seconds? Happens with this match, but also in previous World Cups. I have no problem with those matches that are in one piece.

  4. Assistant
    Assistant March 27, 2018 23:23

    It must be a coincidence. It's unrelated, both types of matches function the same way.

  5. seulzzy August 26, 2017 05:31

    a onega match