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Brazil vs. Czechoslovakia full match

World Cup 1970

By Footballia11 Comments8956 ViewsEnglish
Group stage, matchday 1
Estadio Jalisco (Guadalajara)
June 03, 1970

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  1. pistaman July 24, 2019 21:23

    em 70 o esquadrão

  2. Matías Miklovich February 12, 2019 02:05

    Como puedo descargar esos partidos ??

  3. Footballia
    Footballia February 12, 2019 10:03

    Footballia es un archivo histórico que ofrece los partidos online. Nos esforzamos mucho para ofrecer un entorno atractivo y así obtener unas visitas sin las cuales este proyecto no sería viable.

  4. Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi October 09, 2018 01:12

    Gerson was the best in this match by far. Jairzinho played very well too.

  5. Ronaldo August 04, 2018 12:25

    this game is one of the best football games i ever saw, pele is without a doubt the best player to ever live.

  6. Hector_spfc July 17, 2018 13:57

    So far from nowadays Brazil football, wish we could recover our jogo bonito.

  7. joaofootballia July 17, 2018 05:53

    Jairzinho, Pelé and Gerson were the best players in this game, in my opinion. Jairzinho started a bit slowly, since Brazil was playing mainly through its left side, with Rivelino, Tostao and Gerson appearing there, but scored two magnificent goals, and terrified the opposite defense with his dribbles. Rivelino started on fire, winning all duels 1x1, but his second time was quiet. Gerson was great controlling the midfield and the two assists he provides are absolutely marvelous. Tostao was good playing with his back to goal, but appeared to be nervous and didn't produce as much as he knows.

  8. rivellino1970 July 10, 2018 18:48

    Pele habia intentado ese tipo de tiros desde mediocampo antes solo que no eran en partidos tan famosos. Quizas como este fue un partido en Copa del Mundo quedo mas en la memoria pero el ya hacia esas cosas antes y hay algunos videos que lo demuestran. Fue un jugador completo. Aunque a mi el que me parecia mas talentoso de ese Brasil es Rivellino. Tenia una zurda magica y mucha inteligencia para jugar

  9. KPlayer June 16, 2018 23:45

    I saw on Netflix a very long documentary about all World Cups, and there was a countdown for the ten most beautiful goals. Jair's 4th goal in this game was not even on that list! Shame on who put on that list! I consider that Jair's goal the most beautiful of all WCs, and the number one that documentary was of course the "ghost goal", made by a player that should have been expelled just a few minutes earlier in that game for cheating (making a goal with his fist is grounds for being expelled, right?), except that he got away with it, unlike in the previous WC, when he got expelled for an agression. He should have joined the "Zidane Club" (expelled twice in WCs). That's why I call his goal against England in 1986 a goal made by a ghost. I consider that an "expelled player" made it. By the way, I was born in 2000.

  10. seulzzy August 21, 2017 06:05

    a fantasic play frem pele and revilino~~

  11. Footballia user May 05, 2017 19:41

    No audio or just me?

  12. Footballia
    Footballia May 06, 2017 15:45

    Audio is working fine :-)

  13. rob December 29, 2016 03:56

    Pelé's shot from behind the half way line was pure madness. Sick. Incredible. Genius!