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Brazil vs. England full match

World Cup 1962

By Footballia4 Comments8847 ViewsEnglish
Sausalito (Viña del Mar)
June 10, 1962

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  1. Pippa October 09, 2019 18:58

    What was Bobby Moore doing on the pitch he was the wost player, how did he get the England captains job, oh of course he was bonde blue eyed and from London, one of the most overated players, and I am not a Millwall or Leeds fan,

  2. pistaman May 04, 2019 02:27

    Cachorro invadindo o campo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. hazard10 November 17, 2018 14:42

    Match is not full 90 minutes

  4. Footballia
    Footballia November 17, 2018 14:44

    It's all that's been preserved.

  5. sesve March 16, 2018 10:39

    Solid match, video a bit too bright so you cant see clearly players or ball at some times, and audio is 1-2 seconds faster than the video, so the commentator and the crowd kind of spoils it. But what can you do, it's almost 60 yrs old footage.

  6. Footballia
    Footballia November 17, 2018 15:22

    We've now fixed the audio delay.