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Netherlands vs. Belgium

Netherlands vs. Belgium Maçın tamamı

World Cup Qualification 1985

Footballia tarafından yüklendi1 adet yorum3057 görüntülenmeFelemenkçe
Maç bilgisi
Play-off, 2nd leg
De Kuip (Rotterdam)
20 Kasım 1985
Sonucu göster2 : 1
De Wit72'

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  1. Marcus 17 Mayıs 2020, Pazar, 19:15

    I'm really glad I found this piece of football history. When I watch football, whether live or recorded, I find context and drama much more important than entertaining football or goals. Knowing my World Cup history I already knew which country played in the World Cup and which one didn't, but it was really nice to be able to watch old matches without knowing the final score in advance for a change. By the way, the Netherlands lineup is missing a substitution, (12 Silooy, at 1:23:50 in the video).

  2. Footballia
    Footballia 17 Mayıs 2020, Pazar, 19:37

    Thank you for your appreciation and for pointing out the mistake!