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Uruguay vs. England Maçın tamamı

World Cup 2014

Footballia tarafından yüklendi1 adet yorum4939 görüntülenmeİspanyolca
Group stage, matchday 2
Arena Corinthians (São Paulo)
19 Haziran 2014, Perşembe

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  1. Footballia user 2 Ocak 2017, Pazartesi, 18:17

    Hi guys. This file is not great. The sound cuts off in the 2nd half. I could give you HD links on youtube of the Spain broadcasts from this game if you're interested. It's 90 mins perfect quality.

  2. Claudio
    Claudio 5 Haziran 2018, Salı, 16:17

    Hello, please post that link!

  3. Footballia
    Footballia 10 Temmuz 2018, Salı, 10:55

    Sorry we missed your comment! If you still have the link, please email us at Thank you and sorry for the delay!

  4. Thonnykeys
    Thonnykeys 14 Temmuz 2018, Cumartesi, 21:43

    HI! we're all intersted on that link!! thank you!!