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England vs. Hungary

England vs. Hungary full match

Friendly 1953

By Footballia17 Comments18828 ViewsEnglish

IMPORTANT: After the copy with original BBC commentary, we've added a special digitally enhanced, partly colourized copy from Hungarian TV with contemporary commentary by Péter Bozsik, József's son. Unfortunately though, this special copy is missing one England goal.

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  1. Lopes April 19, 2021 20:42

    Wordless for how awesome this is!! Magyarország (Hungary) was marvellous. As for England, I would like to highlight Matthews, he created England's best moments in the game.

  2. dragonmanya January 16, 2021 12:57

    Just guessing how well prepared for the brazilian heat in 1950, would the english team have been. Considering their self sufficient frame of mind at the time.

  3. kristof98 January 06, 2021 12:36

    More precisely: the pundit commentator is Péter Bozsik, the son of the late Hungary midfielder József Bozsik.

  4. Footballia
    Footballia January 09, 2021 15:07

    You're right! Thank you for clearing that out!

  5. mark198x December 16, 2020 05:27

    hidegkuti jogava demais

  6. Joaquin248 December 09, 2020 23:33

    Pensar que este día se termino la soberbia de Inglaterra ya que decían que eran la mejor selección del mundo por el simple hecho de que ellos inventaron el futbol, incluso no participaron en mundiales por esa misma razon

  7. Andres October 31, 2020 22:43

    Este es el partido más antiguo que tienen?

  8. Footballia
    Footballia November 07, 2020 12:05

    El segundo más antiguo. La final de la copa inglesa de 1953 se jugó unos meses antes.

  9. Football Data June 18, 2020 07:14

    Quel match merveilleux, découvrir pour la première fois cette équipe hongroise dont j’ai tellement entendu parler .. Les anglais ont étaient Humiliés avec en première mi-temps un arbitre ne trouve abuser qui siffler rien pour la Hongrie et des hors-jeu qui n’existe pas. Enfin bref le numéro 7 et Hidegkuti sont des joueurs magnifiques sans oublier le roi Puskas avec un but inoubliable qui m’a laisser bouche ouverte !

  10. MoJabbar96 June 13, 2020 13:06

    Hungary destroyed England, good tactics, good quality of players, Sebes is very good coach and it was genius how he surprised England in Wembley! Hidegkuti was very fantastic along side with Puskas, Kocsis, Bozsik and Grosics, the first goal of Puskas was amazing! Unfortunately this team didn't won World Cup and it's very sad there is no full matches for Hungary in WC 54!

  11. Jungles April 28, 2020 03:02

    That puskas dribble let the defender down ahahah

  12. rsandri79 April 07, 2020 00:08

    Boszik impressed me! Great player

  13. EmperorBR August 11, 2019 02:50

    They couldn't fathom how to mark Hidegkuti. He was just all over the place, a true false 9 who completly disrupted the English defense.

  14. pollopredator May 18, 2019 21:20


  15. prolifik March 06, 2019 13:54

    I've seen some atrocious offside calls in these older matches, but that one on Hidegkuti (just after the 12-minute mark) takes the cake.

  16. ozza1996 November 03, 2018 01:46

    One of my favourite matches of all time, and I'm English haha. Seriously, how did this Hungarian team never win the World Cup? They would thump West Germany the following year in the group stage and yet lost the final to the same team? Confused. As for England, although they invented the game, they had a lot to learn from the Magical Magyars.

  17. Janco_Tianno
    Janco_Tianno March 30, 2020 16:10

    It's not easy to withstand the pressure of being the "best" team

  18. Nialarfatem
    Nialarfatem September 14, 2020 16:37

    Link to the 1954 World Cup final's part in Wikipedia, where it explains how they didn't win:

  19. Dan March 03, 2018 12:24

    1st game watched on Footballia. Going to revisit the game later. Heard the commentator highlighting the unusuall Hungary shirt numbers, as on England shirt numbering was very regimented 1-11

  20. svilarino
    svilarino January 06, 2021 14:41

    The comment was related with the positions occupied by the players who wore those numbers in the Hungarian team. In England each number was associated with a certain position. The way the Hungarians were numbered didn´t match with the English positioning. That´s the reason they say it was weird or unusual.

  21. Josin007 September 30, 2017 07:40

    What a match....! Full of action, especially considering the number of chances created. A game full of talented players.

  22. Johan cruyff 14 October 18, 2016 01:02

    it's good viedo~!