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England vs. Hungary match complet

Friendly 1953

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  1. EmperorBR dimanche 11 août 2019 02h50

    They couldn't fathom how to mark Hidegkuti. He was just all over the place, a true false 9 who completly disrupted the English defense.

  2. pollopredator samedi 18 mai 2019 21h20


  3. prolifik mercredi 06 mars 2019 13h54

    I've seen some atrocious offside calls in these older matches, but that one on Hidegkuti (just after the 12-minute mark) takes the cake.

  4. ozza1996 samedi 03 novembre 2018 01h46

    One of my favourite matches of all time, and I'm English haha. Seriously, how did this Hungarian team never win the World Cup? They would thump West Germany the following year in the group stage and yet lost the final to the same team? Confused. As for England, although they invented the game, they had a lot to learn from the Magical Magyars.

  5. Dan samedi 03 mars 2018 12h24

    1st game watched on Footballia. Going to revisit the game later. Heard the commentator highlighting the unusuall Hungary shirt numbers, as on England shirt numbering was very regimented 1-11

  6. Josin007 samedi 30 septembre 2017 07h40

    What a match....! Full of action, especially considering the number of chances created. A game full of talented players.

  7. Johan cruyff 14 mardi 18 octobre 2016 01h02

    it's good viedo~!