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Argentina vs. Brazil partido completo

World Cup 1982

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Second round, matchday 2
Sarrià (Barcelona)
2 de julio de 1982

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  1. Moncho 02 de abril de 2020 14:40

    Excelente recuerdo y que maravilloso equipo tenia Brasil.

  2. Don Givens 21 de marzo de 2020 00:46

    I was at this match. We were on a family holiday in Salou, near Barcelona and managed to get tickets. Unreal. Never been at a match with an atmosphere anywhere near this. It was in Espanol's old ground, which was compact and stacked high. I counted five brass bands with percussion in our stand alone. People obviously refer to this been the greatest Brazilian team ever, but checkout the Argentinian line-up! Poor Maradona had enough of getting the shit kicked out of him by Gentile in the previous match against Italy, and was going to get his revenge in first. Which he duly did!

  3. Mauro Alegretti 29 de diciembre de 2019 06:58

    MVP: Falcão (Bra). EVP: Zico (Bra); Maradona and Passarella (Arg).

  4. mel 14 de septiembre de 2019 21:23

    I didnt see that fantastic great brazil team argentina played brazil scored was normal result italy beat brazil

  5. bluemann 14 de abril de 2019 03:20

    Passarella should have received the red card too??????? ...did you mean Batista from Brazil should have received red card too, Batista makes two foul first to Barbas and then Maradona so Diego reaction was make a foul too...

  6. 18 de diciembre de 2018 04:58

    Terrible referee. Passarella should have received the red card too..