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Grêmio FBPA vs. CR Vasco da Gama

Grêmio FBPA vs. CR Vasco da Gama partido completo

Copa Libertadores 1998

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Vasco da Gama was in the middle of its golden age (1997-2000) and, even having lost Edmundo after a genius level season in 1997, the Cruzmaltino was still one of the most feared teams in Brazil. The team couldn't count on Carlos Germano, one of the best Brazilian goalkeepers of the 1990s and already with the Seleção to play in the 1998 WC as Taffarel's reserve, but it still had a lot of talent. Mauro Galvão, one of the most technically gifted defenders of all time in Brazil, a member of the 1986 WC Brazil National team, he played in the 1990 WC and was seriously cogitated to play the 1998 WC. Mauro Galvão's partner was Odvan, a hard-working defender and a fan favourite who was a constant call up in Brazil's National Team in 1998 and 1999. The Vascão also had two very skilled young prospects in Felipe (a left defender in the 1990s, later he would play the 2004 Copa América for Brazil as a midfielder) and Pedrinho (suffered a terrible injury after his first call up to the Seleção). In attack, two deadly strikers: Luizão (the all-time top Brazilian goalscorer of the Copa Libertadores and a 2002 WC member) and Donizete Pantera (after Romário was cut from the final list for the 1998 WC, he was one of the favourites for his spot, but, surprisingly, Émerson "Puma" was called). The great name of this Vasco da Gama, however, was Juninho Pernambucano, not only one of the best Vasco players of all time, but also one of the best Brazilian players of all time and the face of the Olympique Lyonnais in its golden age. Grêmio, always playing a tough and efficient game especially suited for play-off tournaments like the Libertadores, was excited to have the newly signed Palhinha, a São Paulo FC and Cruzeiro legend, 3 times Libertadores champion and an iconic Brazilian player in the 1990s. The Immortal Tricolor team, known for never giving up, also had the always ready to score, Guilherme (the 1998 Brazil National First Division top goalscorer and a member of the Seleção in the 2001 Copa América) and the very good goalkeeper and a Tricolor Gaúcho legend: Danrlei. The Porto Alegre team would need to endure an important absence due to the 1998 WC: Paraguayan legend Rivarola. Grêmio also had a very young prospect called Ronaldinho, just the definition of the Brazilian "jogo bonito" in the 2000s.

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Quarter-finals, 1st leg
Estádio Olímpico (Porto Alegre)
3 de junio de 1998

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  1. Candido 04 de julio de 2018 23:47

    Cd o segundo tempo?

  2. Footballia
    Footballia 04 de julio de 2018 23:51

    O segundo tempo está depois do primeiro, em um arquivo consecutivo, como se explica mais para cima (versião desktop).