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Brazil vs. Bulgaria match complet

World Cup 1966

Group stage, matchday 1
Goodison Park (Liverpool)
12 juillet 1966

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  1. Dean mercredi 27 mai 2020 18h04

    Excellent free kicks from Brazil. Bulgaria gave a good account of themselves. Pelé looked really good.

  2. pistaman dimanche 19 mai 2019 23h58

    Pelé e Garrincha juntos 44 geral;

  3. paulo lopes dimanche 10 février 2019 00h24

    Pelé, Gerson and Tostão playing togheter, gainned all the oficial matches that they participated in.

  4. paulo lopes dimanche 20 janvier 2019 16h52

    Brazil had in 1966 only a regular team. Garrincha was not more a great player. Why Rivelino was not in this team? Why Gerson and Tostão were in the reserve?

  5. jferreira
    jferreira lundi 28 janvier 2019 19h42

    Tostão and Gerson played aggainst Hungary and Brazil lost the game.