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Dinamo Minsk vs. Belshina Bobruisk

Dinamo Minsk vs. Belshina Bobruisk match complet

Vysshaya Liga 2020

27 Tur
Stadion Dinamo (Minsk)
24 octobre 2020
Montrer résultat3 : 1

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  1. Angelito Millonario dimanche 24 janvier 2021 19h57

    Asking because I didn't see the country between the european leagues here and I have a match from there too to upload but the standard used in the page for naming the leagues of different countries doesn't fit.

  2. Alexandre
    Alexandre lundi 25 janvier 2021 08h36

    I saw that indeed Belarus wasn’t in the European leagues, maybe try to repost a match to see

  3. Footballia
    Footballia mardi 02 février 2021 13h43

    It's been added now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Angelito Millonario samedi 23 janvier 2021 16h09

    Belarus top league?

  5. Alexandre
    Alexandre dimanche 24 janvier 2021 15h41