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France vs. Finland match complet

World Cup Qualification 1961

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  1. Andersito lundi 09 septembre 2019 00h49

    <SPOILER ALERT> The result isn´t fair to the Finnish goalkeeper, Anders Westerholm. He really kept the goals down with some good saves, and a couple of great ones. He didn´t get any support from the Finnish defense whatsoever. Mr. Westerholm played for the Finnish clubteam HIFK, Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna, Helsingfors, in Helsinki. He won a couple of titles with the club and was also a prominent player in the clubs handball-team.

  2. pistaman dimanche 21 avril 2019 02h26


  3. pistaman
    pistaman dimanche 21 avril 2019 03h31

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