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France vs. Hungary

France vs. Hungary match complet

Euro Qualification 1964

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The picture of this match was too dark, with different intensities throughout the match. We've lit up the picture and tried to even out the different intensities. Now it is much easier to follow the game.

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Second round, 1st leg
Stade Olympique (Colombes)
25 avril 1964
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  1. MoJabbar96 dimanche 17 novembre 2019 03h28

    This match should be in Euro Qualification not Euro 64

  2. Footballia
    Footballia lundi 18 novembre 2019 11h32

    This round was also considered as the quarter-finals of the Euro itself, as you can see here: However, we still decided to change it according to your suggestion, because it was played outside the specific one-venue, one-leg tournament.

  3. MoJabbar96
    MoJabbar96 lundi 18 novembre 2019 22h56

    Thank you! I appreciate your wonderful work!

  4. Footballia
    Footballia jeudi 21 novembre 2019 01h03

    That's very kind, thank you! :-)