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World Cup 1970
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Nou Camp (León)
14 juin 1970

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  1. nahu999 lundi 14 juin 2021 01h07

    tha Man of the Match was Beckenbauer undoubtely. Because, when Germany were losing, he pushed up the team forward, and has scored one goal on his own.. the rest of the best players: Lohr, Grabowski, Seeler (beautiful header), Maier for germany. For England: Lee, Moore and Bell. That's all

  2. FootballFnatic
    FootballFnatic mercredi 30 juin 2021 18h42

    That goal was scored mainly due to poor goal keeping . I think Overath had a really good first half , and was key in midfield.

  3. CHUCHUS12 vendredi 14 mai 2021 04h37

    Ganó el Que mentalmente pudo más . Increíble juego , la revancha de la final pasada y empezó el clásico Alemania vs Inglaterra , los jugadores defendiendo con mucho más amor que fútbol . Grscias

  4. Argentina mardi 11 mai 2021 16h40

    Hi any chance you can get English commentary for this game please. Thank you.

  5. King Arthur USA mercredi 23 septembre 2020 06h27

    I watched the match poor goal keeper and Bell should have had a penalty, also Lee was hacked down twice,, The referee was poor, Lee had a good goal disallowed Colin Bell should have played the whole game

  6. milce668 lundi 13 juillet 2020 00h19

    Este mundial Inglaterra tuvo mejor fútbol que el anterior, pero le faltó un delantero de calidad.

  7. mel mardi 23 juin 2020 22h57

    This game was a turning point between germany and england germans won that day and never turn back and took psychologic advantage against to england which is still go on.

  8. mel mardi 23 juin 2020 00h15

    This was the match of the century not germany-italy

  9. Mondegreen dimanche 14 juin 2020 22h34

    Well, that was it for England then. Little did they know they would have to wait another staggering 12 years for their next World Cup appearance, just as long as El Salvador. They all blamed it on Bonetti afterwards, but it was really Sir Alf who stood there with egg on his face. Some real good tactical thinking on his part to take out Bobby Charlton right after Beckenbauer got one back for Alemania. He would end up paying for it on the back end. The English commentator was a bit very biased, imo. Not that you'd expect anything else, though. There's nothing wrong with rooting for your own team, but you shouldn't let it cloud your judgement. Just don't mention the war...

  10. King Arthur USA
    King Arthur USA mercredi 23 septembre 2020 05h04

    correct Francis lee was never that level, Osgood better than Astle, Mullery poor Bell was the man,,, bonetti had a nightmare,,,,Ramsey very stupid not picking players with flair,,, Terry Venables was the best manager..Southgate today is a shite,,,Pickford and stones and media donkey Kane,,, Vardy is the man speed,,,,

  11. FootballFnatic
    FootballFnatic mardi 09 février 2021 21h48

    Charlton did ask to come off , because he was knackered and this Charlton was at an age where he didn't have the endurance to play 90 minutes in the baking hot heat of Leon and this was probably greatest ever team .

  12. FootballFnatic
    FootballFnatic mardi 09 février 2021 21h49

    CORRECTION : England's .

  13. FootballFnatic
    FootballFnatic mardi 09 février 2021 21h50

    CORRECTION : England's .

  14. dammul lundi 11 mai 2020 23h26

    out and out attacking football in unbearable heat. How did they do it?

  15. Stevesunshine mardi 05 mai 2020 18h58

    Classic match between two world class sides.....unlucky England

  16. kittycran lundi 27 avril 2020 22h30

    This match was fantastic ! Better than Italy-Germany in my opinion.

  17. Saku dimanche 19 avril 2020 09h36

    This England was stronger than that of '66

  18. pistaman jeudi 05 septembre 2019 19h41

    que virada pica e vingou 66

  19. KATALINSKI mercredi 24 juillet 2019 23h02

    You don't have the Spanish version of Canal Plus Spain?

  20. KATALINSKI mercredi 24 juillet 2019 23h00

    No tenéis la versión en español de Canal Plus?

  21. luxeterna dimanche 07 avril 2019 16h37

    Du grand football. Un classique dans la (longue) série des "c'est pas fini, attention, faut rien lâcher".

  22. Julian Dabat vendredi 04 janvier 2019 12h17

    Uno de los mejores partidos de la historia de los mundiales sin dudas. Que infravalorada esta la Inglaterra de Alf Ramsey

  23. Rivelino10 dimanche 22 avril 2018 16h39

    Beautiful fight